Frequently Asked Questions


How fast do they go?
TOMOS mopeds have a max speed of 29 MPH. They are designed this way to comply with certain State laws that define a "Moped" as a vehicle with a limited speed.

Are there benefits of having a moped over something like a scooter or motorcycle?
Definitely. Since TOMOS mopeds are considered a "Limited use" vehicle, they require less licensing than a scooter or motorcycle. In some States, all you need is a driver's license, instead of a motorcycle endorsement. In other States, no licensing is required at all! Check with your local State laws.

Do I need to register a moped?
It depends on your State. Some don't require a registration or plate, some States do require it. Check with your local DMV.

Would I need insurance?
Again, depends on the State. Most States do not require insurance, but some do. IF you do need insurance, its extremely affordable. Price ranges from $60 - $120 a year.

What about Shifting? Do I need to learn how to shift?
Nope! These are automatic. They have a true 2 speed transmission that shifts for you. You will notice superior pick up compared to other mopeds that are only 1 speed.

Whats with the pedals?
The word "MO-PED" origins from the combo "MOtor PEDal" or a motor bike with pedals. Some States require pedals to be considered a moped. However, some States don't care if the pedals are there or not... So, some of our models come with a simplified Kick Start option.

How heavy are they?
TOMOS mopeds are the lightest street legal vehicle out there. The Sprints are 140 Lbs and the Racing TT is 152 Lbs. Scooters can weight 200 - 350 pounds, motorcycles can weight 250 - 500 pounds.

E-Bikes & E-Scooters

I heard Electric Bikes were completely illegal, is this true?
Not true! Federal law requires electric assisted bikes not exceed 20mph and have a motor power of 750watts or less.

Can I see these bikes in person?
Yes! Feel free to visit one of our existing dealers, or call us to schedule a time for one of our reps to stop by your establishment.

I want to sell your products in my store, what are the wholesale costs?
Message us and a sales rep will contact you with prices.

What are the bike’s specs? How fast do they go? How big are the batteries?
It depends on the model, visit our products page for details on each bike.

Do you need a license to operate these?
No, these are electric assisted bikes. No license is needed.